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 Who, What, Why?

We are ViableStraw!  A sucking awesome, adjustable & ultra compact reusable straw brought to life on the beaches of Kaua'i.  Overwhelmed and defeated from cleaning up plastic pollution on our favourite beaches, we sought out to help eliminate the need for the wasteful single use items we use everyday!  Knowing that changing perception in a "throw away culture" would be no easy task, we decided to begin tackling the global issue of plastic pollution by going after a gateway plastic - The pesky and seemingly harmless single-use plastic straw.

We originally launched on Kickstarter to release our initial product and help support our vision!  Gratefully, we were successful funded at 324% of our goal and were able to bring this product to life.

Our greater mission is to bring awareness to the harmful effects of all single use plastics and drive change by creating and promoting "viable" solutions, starting with the plastic straw.

The problem with plastic pollution does not end with using a ViableStraw. In fact, if you are not a straw user already, you don't need one of ours! Our goal is to spread awareness of the bigger and multifactorial issue of plastic pollution - keeping plastic off our beaches and out of our oceans is everyone's problem; from consumers to manufacturers, municipalities to governments. We hope that by learning about and using ViableStraw, you become more mindful of the everyday single use plastics you use (and toss!).

Please #SuckSustainably and see what other waste-less living changes you can make today!

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 AND... an extra thanks to the other 467 KS backers who helped bring ViableStraw to life! Mahalo!